Loud Poets

A larger than life show that will make you fall in love with performance poetry

Loud Poets

If you think poetry is all Wordsworth and Keats, think again. The Loud Poets are a group of performance poets bringing the art-form to mainstream audiences.

The show opens with a cheesy trailer for 'poetry' represented by a future-esque glowing cube. With a band onstage the first poem 'One Day I'm going to write you a poem' is performed to folky backing music - with an Ed Sheeran feel to it, it is an energetic and contemporary opening piece which immediately sets the mood for the rest of the performance.

Each poem is performed with music and projections, of old black and white film reels, which match the theme or feel of the piece, on the screen behind. Performed by different members of the Loud Poets, and guest Ellen Renton, each piece is different, from a reflection on the apocalypse, to 'Learning how to swim' to a letter to a daughter.

The poetry is engaging and even funny - with current and cultural references to Doctor Who and The Walking Dead, and a liberal amount of swearing for comic effect. The Loud Poets are subverting the stereotypes around poetry, with fun and energy. Some of the poems are more serious, but don't loose any of the impact, becoming powerful and meaningful in their delivery. Ellen Renton's pieces are more personal - touching on issues close to her. All of the performances are a testament as to how poetry is not just about what the words are, but how they are said - and performance is integral.

Interspersed between the poems are more satiric adverts for the company, adding variety and providing comedy throughout. This is pulled together as a theme at the end of the show when we are faced with a capitalist evil villain figure, whose only aim is to get 'bums in seats', but in a group performance, the Loud Poets confront this, addressing why they do it - because they love it, because they can, because what else would they do?

If poetry isn't your first thought when you come to the Fringe then this is the show for you. Full of life, energy and humour, the Loud Poets are making poetry for the masses - so forget what you think you know and go to see this performance.

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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