Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour: Izzy's Manifestos

An amusing coming of age story: a different dream for a different manifesto

Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour: Izzy's Manifestos

Kevin Jones is Izzy, a young girl who aspires to be everything. Full of dreams and aspirations, waiting to be discovered as a genius since a very young age, she is traumatised by the death of her father. After she and her mother grow gradually apart following the trauma, Izzy starts attending an Arts College in Nottingham and experiencing a new world. We follow Izzy's journey from her first dance moves with her dad to her first love butterflies and job struggles.

Every phase in Izzy's life is characterised by a different manifesto. Writing down a few bullet points helps her escaping the daily routine and pushing her boundaries a bit further. In a clear and well-structured narrative, we can't help but smile sympathetically while witnessing her personal adventure. If the life lessons that she writes are universally shared (i.e.: "I don't want to be hurt anymore", "I must tell the truth", and "Be daring to try something new"), her reactions, when confronted to the events, sometimes fails to be as engaging as expected.

Kevin wins undoubtedly the attention of the audience. However, we are more caught in when we keep our breaths in the dramatic moments than when we are expected to laugh. I very much liked the idea behind the show and using manifestos to differentiate Izzy's experience. It was a funny and introspective tale who showed the everyday adventures lived by young people, while growing up. Delightful and warm-hearted show, potentially hilarious.

Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour: Izzy's Manifestos is performing at 12:15 at the Gilded Balloon, Aug 8-14, 16-21, 23-28.


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