King of Pop

I have been to many different art events like the Louvre museum, theatre productions, arts and craft festivals and many more, but I think that the King of Pop show was amazing.

King of Pop

Navi is a famous Michael Jackson tribute and he put his whole life towards his career. He changed his whole look to be like MJ: danced very well, sang like him too, clothing was great and he wanted plastic surgery to his face to look like MJ. The show was really good, it was like meeting the real celebrity - King of Pop. I loved it a lot.

Before the show, I was wondering if Navi would be able to dance and sing like MJ as some tributes find it hard to represent the celebrity the same. But when the show started I understood that this person had a talent and the night would be fun and memorable.

Everybody was singing along and cheering Navi because he tributed very well. He danced and sang like MJ, but in between songs he would talk and communicate with the audience and that made us fell more welcome. It was truly brilliant and I will never forget this event because it changed my views and tributing and I realised how much art and creativity is behind the scenes to make the show as good as it was. Thank you, Navi for keeping the King of Pop's spirit alive.

Artistic qualities and creative impacts

  • The singing was a lot like MJ
  • The clothing and costumes where in the style of MJ, this made the show seem more fun and realistic
  • The lighting suited each song e.g. Dark colours like red, green, black, purple...were used for thriller - whilst brighter and lighter colours where used for Beat it and Billy Jean
  • There was a dance squad behind to make it more interesting
  • The theatre was selling gloves and hats to make the audience interact and feel more happy
  • The sound was controlled and fitted the dancers e.g. Solo dance - the music would be quieter to make the audiences attention be on the the dancer.

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sasha bowman

sasha bowman

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  • sasha bowman

    On 29 July 2017, 14:00 sasha bowman commented:

    The dates are wrong, the event has already happened, i need evidence for my portfolio. xx

  • Luke Taylor

    On 3 August 2017, 10:29 Luke Taylor commented:

    Great stuff sasha!

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