Foster The People gig at Somerset House

Performing the best classics and new album, Sacred Heart Club, at London's Somerset House on July 13th 2017...

Foster The People gig at Somerset House

Audiences were screaming, encouraging the distinctive bass lines and drum solos from the timeless 'Pumped up Kicks' to the new and understated 'Sit Next To Me'. Of course, the band has been releasing alternative rock tracks for years now. Revisiting artful songs like "Call it what you want" and "Are you what you want to be" from 'Torches' (2011) and 'Supermodel' (2014), it was a shock to hear, decades later it seems, shamelessly bright and almost psychedelic indie pop songs from their new album. Heavy on synth, dance, and bass, in the tracks they performed from 'Sacred Hearts Club' we saw a more defined version of the already spirited American band.

Initially, I believed the record was an image of confused passion – a disorienting effort to recapture the band's summer youthfulness and established alternative sound. Yet, being in the second row of their July gig at Somerset House, it was impossible not to react warmly to their passionate musical turn. It was true that this stood out from their usually poignant lyrics (inspired by identity-culture-and-politics). Still, they were able to maintain their old personality…

It was an incredibly inspiring performance, deserving of at least three and a half stars.



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  • Luke Taylor

    On 18 July 2017, 10:37 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    All the other kids with their pumped-up kicks...

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