Why is Art so important? - Unit 1D

This is my review on why Art is so important - Unit 1D

Why is Art so important? - Unit 1D

The Arts circles around music, drama, fine art, writing, history, advertising film, photography, journalism and fashion. I believe that without Art, we wouldn't be so successful. It opens up so many doors for people who want to pursue a career in it, or just a hobby that they can start from scratch.

Music in particular is very popular, millions of people every day will listen to music and as well as it helps with advertising, music videos, films it also inspires others whether that's to sing, or it helps them as a person if they're going through struggles in life, as the lyrics are able to give them positivity if they feel a connection to a song.

Paintings are also popular, historically people have spent fortunes just on a painting that others who don't really an appeal to Art will think is basic, plain, doesn't tell a story or shouldn't be displayed, but regardless of the visual aspect, each person has their own opinions about Art, and that is why some people pay so much for Art pieces to be on display, knowing that it'll be worth a lot in the future.

With the Media it is the main reason why we have access to all the stories and footage we see, before it was the case of going out and finding about or seeing certain things, but now everything is offered and published for us to view at home.

One of my A levels that I am studying is Media, and for my project I am looking at body image and the way the Media publish it. By looking into this I am focusing on music videos and the way celebrities portray themselves and whether or not it links with their songs, and with magazines, why editors Photoshop celebrities to 'perfect' their flaws.

Media offers us information and helps us publish products more to increase popularity it also portrays some of us individuals negatively, therefore creating a stereotypical image of us. Like women, many models are taken and photo shopped to improve their body structure, making it toned, thin, tanned, removes wrinkles, any little blemish that the editor can see, which then portrays all women as 'perfect', and 'flawless' but in other terms 'fake', as these role models are expected to look thin, and flawless all the time when really they don't, which then immediately goes out of proportion.

So to balance the Arts out I think without the Media changing our looks and portraying us to be something were not, would give each person a more confident feeling to themselves, and to feel positively different to everyone else, or it can make them feel insecure because with Photoshop software's we are able to add 'perfection' to them.

So picturing the world without Art there would be no pictures in children's books for them to develop their skills, no warnings signs around the streets, products wouldn't be made or become popular - because they wouldn't have advertisement, many singers wouldn't be able to make music, therefore not being able to make a career for themselves, we wouldn't have access to information through books or technology, films would not exist due to the main role of drama. So many topics wouldn't exist if Art wasn't so useful to us.


Courtney Chilvers

Courtney Chilvers

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 10 March 2017, 09:57 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I agree, the arts are SO important to our culture and society. Why doesn't the government feel that way?

  • Emrys Green

    On 10 March 2017, 13:28 Emrys Green Voice Team commented:

    Yes very well put Courtney. Life without art or creativity would be a significantly different place. It's interwoven in to our very fabric of society and influences product design which is in almost everything we touch!

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