The Salford Museum and Art Gallery

This is my review on the Salford Museum and Art Gallery...

The Salford Museum and Art Gallery

This old Victorian building, close to Salford University, hides an amazing museum and a historical art gallery that is most definitely worth seeing!

When I visited this Art Gallery, there were several exhibitions but the main two were Verd De Gris and Colin Binns. Verd De Gris are an organisation that are using art and creativity to help people suffering from dementia. When I saw this in their exhibition, I was absolutely blown away by the skill and the thought that had gone into this project and how much art can help our surrounding community. They are using it to reach out to the older generation and proving that art is a healer. It was an unusual experience as I had never come across art being used to help mental health but as soon as I saw the Verd De Gris project, I was instantly inspired and I am now, thanks to the Verd De Gris exhibition, considering careers in art therapy.

I would encourage everyone to take a look on the Verd De Gris website, and if possible, see their exhibitions because it really changed my perspective on what art can be used for and if anyone has a family member or a friend suffering from dementia, Verd De Gris provide group sessions to help with coping with memory loss and how to stimulate the memory function of the brain which I can guarantee are very informative and a real eye opener.

The second exhibition was Colin Binns, an artist who has combined screen printing with painting and drawing to study the changing of urban spaces. I found his work very interesting and, as I am currently completing my Silver Arts Award, it was a source of inspiration for my 1b project.

If you would like to know more about Salford Museum And Art Gallery and if there are any exhibitions that you would like to see, please visit their website and please visit the websites of Verd De Gris and Colin Binns to learn more about them.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 15 February 2017, 10:52 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    This sounds really interesting. Is there a site for us to view the artwork?

  • On 16 February 2017, 14:47 [Deleted User] commented:

    If you click on the hyperlinks for Colin Binns and Verd De Gris, it should direct you to their websites where you can view the artwork and learn more about what they do

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