The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre.

The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre. Wednesday 7th of December 2016.

The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre.

I really like the animated film, so i thought it would be nice to see the live version of the show and how they had adapted it.

Music by Howard Blake, set design by Tim Mitchell, choreography by Robert North and directed by Bill Alexander and they all came together to create The Snowman, a dance performance.

I thought it was great when they had an actual motorbike on the stage!

When the curtain went up, the lights were designed to look like snow, that went on through the whole performance, which really gave the effect of where you were and where the play was set. All the wings on the stage were hidden by mountains of snow.

I wonder how they got a motorbike backstage, this interested me because I've never seen a vehicle on stage before. They had people playing multiple small parts such as, the fruit that came out of the fridge, the woodland animals and the funny penguins.

I enjoyed it because I was very surprised how accurate it was to the original film. It was a dance performance but it had a lot of acting in it that really told the story.


Elise Hajdini

Elise Hajdini

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  • Beryl Teasdale

    On 23 January 2017, 17:08 Beryl Teasdale commented:

    Elise tells of how impressive and realistic the stage setting was and how thrilled she was to see a motorbike on stage. Through her description I could imagine the fruit, animals and penguins appearing and it painted a vivid picture. Her account showed how dance alongside drama told the story of the Snowman well. Elise gave an informative account of her visit to the Peacock Theatre which gives readers a good insight into what must have been a very enjoyable and interesting performance. Well done Elise!

  • Ronald Teasdale

    On 23 January 2017, 20:14 Ronald Teasdale commented:

    Elise has compared the animated version with the stage version and used good language to make the reader aware of the different experience of the live theatre. She has made me aware that watching live performances requires much more imagination which can be an amazing life experience. We remember so much more from theatre productions that animated versions and Elise has made this very clear. If this is her first review than we can expect great things from this lady! Well done!

  • Natalie Wilson

    On 24 January 2017, 20:51 Natalie Wilson commented:

    Fab review Elise! The snowman sounds great, what age range do you think it would appeal to? I love the film too and wonder weather the children would like to see it in the theatre.

  • Elise Hajdini

    On 24 January 2017, 20:57 Elise Hajdini commented:

    Thank you! I would definitely recommend the show to any age! It was brilliant! Just be aware that the show is quite long but it does have an interval, so you would be able to have a walk around and stretch your legs for a bit!

  • Louise Criticos

    On 24 January 2017, 21:01 Louise Criticos commented:

    Great review Elise! It really brought it to life and got my imagination going. You have done a good job in describing and bringing it to life. I want to see it now!

  • Kheira Bey

    On 29 January 2017, 18:44 Kheira Bey Contributor commented:

    Dance is a very powerful medium and it is very magical seeing a story come alive without any words, but with the sheer talent of what some sensationally talented performers can do with their bodies. I haven't actually seen the Snowman (I know), but I know that a motorbike is something I would not associate with it! Elise, if you were the director of this piece, would you use a motorbike or would you do anything differently?

    Good luck with the rest of bronze.

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