Wendy Wason: Tiny Me

Wendy Wason is quaintly charming and her talent clear, however appears to appeal more to the older demographic.

Wendy Wason: Tiny Me

An extremely chatty and forward performer who indulges in over-sharing about her family life, the atmosphere Wason creates is welcoming and informal. She laughs at herself and the strange things her children say, gaining hearty laughs from the audience as she talks us through her reflections of self-improvement. Her presence on stage is immediately familiar, and she is comfortable and strong on the stage.

It is clear that her daily life, which involves raising children and writing comedy, is full of quirks and odd characters that are no doubt funny, however with the theme of the show centring on making a difference in the world as an adult, I can't help but feel as though her jokes are not meant for me. With no experience of being a working woman, wife or mother, it is clear that I do not fit the demographic of Wason's set. Her observational humour is obviously hilarious to the others in the room with children and husbands of their own, making her jokes easily relatable for them. Equally, there are loud laughs and clapping throughout that prove her talent as a comedian, however I feel isolated and could not engage. She still gains my sympathy, however; having a mortgage and three children to look after cannot be easy.

Wason's set is endearing and her final message is truly sweet as she urges her audience to go out and try their best to make someone's day better in an effort to make the world better. A talented and experienced performer with a lot to share about life, Wason is a comedian worth seeing for those who could also share their life experiences.

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