Ed Patrick: Junior Optimist

A show by a comedian who is also a junior doctor will obviously make for wonderfully graphic material.

Ed Patrick: Junior Optimist

The infallible world of the clinical, sterile hospital is dismantled into the tiniest bits. Patrick chooses the stories about fingers in bottoms to drop the guise that shows doctors as anything but human while at the same time telling us how bad at being humans they are. Furthermore, he exposes the rampant self-absorption and elitism within the profession.

Fundamentally, though, his vulnerable 20-something delivery reminds us of the strengths of the NHS regardless of the above. Jeremy Hunt fits nicely in here as the subject of the inevitable scathing criticism. Blind panic, insurmountable work hours, and unending pressure are some of the things that junior doctors on the NHS have to face.

All of this on top of some tales about the good ol' student days makes the material strong and unique. It shows that, as a junior doctor, if nothing else, he has a great deal more life experience than someone else in their early 20s. As a young comedian, the humour isn't necessarily constant as some gags and anecdotes stumble.

He deserves a great deal of recognition for establishing a niche, which is likely to keep giving him enough material to tour for years to come. Another reviewer wrote that they'd wish Patrick would quit medicine and become a comedian. The best thing he could do is carry on with them both for as long as he is able.

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Ed Patrick: Junior Optimist is on at the Just The Tonic at The Community Project, Cowgate at 18:55 everyday until 28 August. For tickets and more information, visit the Fringe website.


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