Jordan Brookes: The Making Of

After his debut show, Jordan comes back with a full hour of hilarious gags and ridiculous faces

Jordan Brookes: The Making Of

Jordan Brookes is hysterically and unexpectedly funny. He combines a series of slow-motion and amusing facial expressions with clever, witty lines. He makes fun of doing a gap year, when whatever you do is apparently more interesting because it's done miles away from home.

In an escalation of jokes and enumeration of different exotic places, his facial miming enhances every bit of his performance. From being a new born baby to growing old, we explore with him his life. In this story, humour and sarcasm hide insecurity and past discomfort, including in his gap year. It was nothing like the ones he describes: not full of travels around the world. But it is still great comedy material.

The venue is not so close to the main ones, but it's worth the short walk to arrive and see Jordan's show. Expect to be greatly amused Mr Brookes, who is perfectly able to fill up the room with infectious laughs.

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Jordan Brookes: The Making Of is at 17,00 at Laughing Horse @ The Cellar until the 28th of August.


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