Andrea Hubert: Week

A mix of dark humour and biting honesty about her 25 years of misdiagnosed depression

Andrea Hubert: Week

How do you write observational comedy if your perception of the world is altered by depression? Andrea Hubert exposes her experience with misdiagnosed mental health issues with extremely cutting sarcasm. She discusses her mental breakdown in Waitrose with a retrospectively ironic point of view, from the exchange with the cashier to her final awakening in a hospital.

This is not only the story of her dark moments, but also of that week when everything changed in her life with the right medication. The audience bursts out with bitter laugh to some of her lines. She can find funny bits in suffering from depression, as when she mentions the difficulties of comparing herself to others and one particular episode involved a lady wearing white on the train. Her honesty and straightforwardness is often disarming and she finds the right output in her dark humour.

She is able to rip apart the good things the audience have said they've done with sarcasm. Nobody can escape her sharp tongue.

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Andrea Hubert: Week show daily at 3.45pm at the Counting House until the 29th of August. Tickets and full information here.


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