Paper Hearts The Musical

Moon Rock Productions presents a lively and cheerful musical, an original work by Liam O' Rafferty

Paper Hearts The Musical

Paper Hearts is the dream of every bookish person: finding love among books. Working in a high street book shop as assistant, Atticus (Adam Small) falls in love with Lilly (Gabriella Margulies). The love story develops among shop renewals, writing prizes and the eternal battle between online books and print.

This is an interesting romantic tale, which also explores the relationship between ourselves and what we write. Can we understand ourselves better and make up our mind more confidently while writing about our experience? Paper Hearts is about the lessons we learn from writing.

The musical merges two different stories: one is the new-born love between Atticus and Lilly, the other is the Russian love story in the book that Atticus is writing. They mirror each other and intersect well during songs. The pop-folk soundtrack moves the audience and provides memorable moments. The songs crystalize the themes of the musical, from finding your own voice and following your passion to being betrayed and giving the other person a second chance.

Paper hearts is a musical that I wouldn't want to miss if I was in Edinburgh just for few days. It has been received with excitement both from adolescents and adults.

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Paper Hearts The Musical is at 18,40 at the Underbelly Med Quad until the 29th of August (22nd excluded). Tickets and full info here.


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