Camille O’Sullivan: The Carny Dream

A beautiful dreamy and sweet rock concert with a circus atmosphere.

Camille O’Sullivan: The Carny Dream

The Circus tent is extremely busy with people, which is always a positive sign. Finally finding a seat inside the tent, I see that the band is ready to start playing on stage, and a mysterious atmosphere is keeping everyone quiet. Why a concert in a circus? Why an acrobatic swing hanging at the centre of the tent? Why paper masks with animal shapes on stage? These and other surprises harmonise together in Camille O'Sullivan's show. A show that at the end leaves you with hands hurting from clapping.

When Camille, stepping in the spotlight, starts singing, it's a surreal experience. So surreal and great that it seems if Norah Jones is singing few meters from me. Her penetrating and powerful all-pervading voice makes me question for a moment if this is even real. Her charm and dynamic personality is beautifully matched with a variety of costumes: a sparkling blouse, soft silky bomber, sexy leather leotard and a red riding hood.

Always maintaining her exceptional voice, she shifts from genre to genre. One moment, she sings about her childhood and the relationship with her mother in a sweet lullaby. Few seconds after, she sings in French, bringing to the stage her heritage. We hear masterpieces as "Purple Rain" and a tribute to David Bowie. She roars with energy leaving everyone speechless in the end. Expect an extraordinary and magnetic show.

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Camille O'Sullivan: The Carny Dream is at 20,30 in the Underbelly's Circus Hub on the Meadows until the 22nd of August.


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