Fresh Hell: Paul McCaffrey

A brilliantly funny evening full of fabulous musings on the ups (but mainly downs) of McCaffrey's everyday life which engaged with the audience in a natural, conversational way.

Fresh Hell: Paul McCaffrey

Going into the City Café to see Paul McCaffrey's Fringe-special 'Fresh Hell', I wasn't completely sure what to expect, but McCaffrey has managed to create a brand new show which is really funny to watch, and I found no difficulty laughing throughout. He turns everyday experiences into hilarious anecdotes, and the expressions and impressions that accompanied them were as brilliant as they were over-the-top. The comedian has a real story-telling ability, and vividly brought his antics to life.

He was also very confident with his delivery, and seemed very natural in the way he spoke, which made it seem as if he was having a personal conversation with the audience. I loved the way he really involved the audience at the beginning in order to smoothly transition into his show. It served to create a nice, intimate atmosphere which really suited the modest space of the venue.

What really impressed me about this show was how McCaffrey was able to make topics that I'd personally never experienced very relatable. He qualified his anecdotes with brilliant imagery, fabulous expressions and a very emotive tone of voice which turned the show into a vibrant and amusing collection of events that could have happened to any member of the audience. This show is definitely a must-see, and since it's free and non-ticketed there's no excuse not to check it out (but have some change in your pocket – by the time the show has finished you'll definitely want to give a donation).

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