Our writer

Amusing metatheatrical play about two characters and their relationship with the author

Our writer

Our writer is an interesting play by Sam Essame, which is symbolic and open to several interpretations. Two characters, Morphine (Kate Lansdale) and Porcelain (Annabel Redgate), are waiting for their writer to finish the script of the play. Already halfway through their story, they are impatient to move and discover what's next. However, nothing seems to dissolve the writer's block. The narrator (Thomas Barry) joins the duo and discusses with them what to do, after he has lost his omniscient power.

The play examines existential questions with irony and wit. Some of the themes are well-established in cultural productions and present in everyday life. Where does love come from, what does the future hold and what is the importance of memory are questions which we continuously face and can hardly find any answer to. The dialogue between the two characters represents this impotence towards life, but also the striking willingness to keep trying to understand.

The apparently easy structure and setting shouldn't be mistaken for lack of quality. Instead, the strong focus on the two characters' dialogue enables a close following of the narrative. Morphine as a character is a little pessimistic and tormented from past traumas. However, she is able to lighten up when interacting with Porcelain, who is more cheerful and expressive.

Their exchanges are funny and work perfectly when they can deliver a fluid performance, such as one particular sketch with a door. In this case, the dialogue has a good pace and the script itself enables a quick exchange back and forward which provokes more laughs.

Sometimes being overly dramatic is not the key for winning laughs from the audience. In relation to this, the narrator is successful in performing a different kind of humour: he is both solemn and ironic while delivering his lines.

The end leaves us without any specific conclusion. There is no lesson to be learned and no answer provided. It does relate very well with the underlying message of the play, but it seems slightly abrupt and cut in the middle of the action.

Our writer is a very engaging play put on stage by a young creative team. Their willingness to experiment both with previous genres and themselves as artists is clearly evident. It is both enjoyable and wittily performed with energy and passion.

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Our writer shows at 13.15pm daily at C Nova until 20th of August. Read more here.


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