Clare Plested: Flock Up

A crazy show full of multiple personalities and lots of laughs.

Clare Plested: Flock Up

Clare's character sketches were funny, and she had the audience on her side from the start, laughing with and at her as she pranced around and often made a fool of herself for our enjoyment. She is obviously very creative and a talented actress, changing personalities with ease and comfort, and clearly loves the show she is doing, which makes it so much easier to watch. Some of her characters were completely ridiculous, but no matter how ridiculous they got, we were all still laughing.

Her characters were fun and whacky and the costumes were hilarious. Her costume changes were much quicker than anticipated, and the videos that ran whilst she was getting changed were possibly some of the funniest parts of the show.

She included music and dancing with the audience, and almost every character interacted with the audience in some way. I enjoyed watching her play every one and we always found ourselves intrigued as to what she would come out as next. As the show spiralled more and more into the ridiculous, it seemed to just get funnier, with people really laughing by the end.

Overall, a light-hearted and funny show, especially if you're looking for something slightly crazy for a bit of a laugh. I would definitely recommend this show.

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Clare Plested: Flock Up is on at 17:50 until August 27th, excluding the 17th, at Ciao Roma.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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