Smother is a beautiful piece of hip hop dance, exploring homosexuality in a unique style.


Seven talented dancers took to the stage to deliver almost an hour of intense, beautiful and thought provoking dance, showing a journey of discovery through addiction and relationships.

The storytelling was powerful and the dancing mesmerising, heightened by beautiful lighting and wonderful music. The lighting was mainly side and top light, creating interesting shadows across the faces of the dancers and onto the stage. The music set the tone and carried the piece, with the mood of the performance changing with each song.

The dancing was very impressive. For the most part, all seven of the dancers were in perfect sync, moving with each other and the music incredibly fluidly. The dance told an intense story which was portrayed beautifully and I felt the emotion in each song. The choreography was amazing, hard-hitting and intense but also beautiful and mesmerising. It is a brilliant idea for a show and it was executed wonderfully.

The audience were sitting in awed silence for the entire show, a testament to the sheer beauty of the piece, which was met with deafening applause at the end. Overall this is a moving and intense piece of dance, which is definitely worth the watch.

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Smother is on at 15:20 every day until the 27th August at ZOO Southside.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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  • On 16 August 2016, 14:49 [Deleted User] commented:

    Saw this in 2015, thrilled to see it back for 2016.

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