Bethany Black: (Extra)Ordinary

Bethany's show was full of fun and laughter, mixed in with the occasional sad note, which combined to make a great show.

Bethany Black: (Extra)Ordinary

Bethany's naturally funny nature and her charm on stage makes her easy to watch and laugh along with. Her stories and jokes are very personal and within this show we followed a six year period in her life, taking us through all the bad times and into the good times to end where we are today. She was aware that some parts of her set would be emotional, and she was quick to reassure the audience that she would get through those bits as quickly as she could, because the events were important to the story later on.

She was true to her word. For most of her set we were laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, and the sad part of the story lasted only a few minutes. Her comfort, not only when it comes to talking so openly about her life and the struggles she has faced, but also in standing on stage and imparting these stories to us, makes her a great joy to watch. She is not afraid to hide anything. The way in which she phrases things makes them so much funnier, and she has a natural ability to make people laugh.

The audience enjoyed every minute of her show, from the moment she walked in to cheers, to the moment she finished and was met with rapturous applause and again, more cheering. Her love for her job is apparent throughout and she never failed to land a joke. Her stories are interesting and quite unique and she was open and trusting of us the whole way through.

Her show is honest, to the point, and very very funny. Don't miss out on a talented stand-up show.

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Bethany Black: (Extra)Ordinary is on at 18:00 every day until August 28th, excluding the 15th, at The Stand Comedy Club 2. Please note this show is a 16+.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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