Laura London: CHEAT

A demonstration of the skill of sleight of hand and how to win a card game without anyone suspecting a thing.

Laura London: CHEAT

Exposing the tricks of con artists and magicians requires having a similar level of skill in deception as they do. Laura showed she had many a skill when it comes to card tricks and sleight of hand and did not disappoint with them. She was met with rapturous applause as she successfully completed tricks and held the audience's attention throughout.

Of course, there was a storyline to accompany the magic, and whilst the storyline was sweet and clearly important to her, I felt at times that we were getting more of the story than we were of the magic tricks. The story accompanied the tricks well and they pulled together to create an exciting show. Those chosen to go on stage could barely contain their shock at the tricks being performed mere centimetres from their eyes, and a camera trained on Laura's hands the entire time meant that the whole audience could have the same experience.

The storyline behind the show was touching, and the magic very impressive. Laura showed she has a real affinity for magic and sleight of hand, and I was not disappointed by the tricks she showed. This show is definitely worth a watch for any magic or card trick lovers.

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Laura London: CHEAT is on at 14:35 every day until August 28th, at The Voodoo Rooms. Please note this is an 18+ show.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.


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