How (Not) to Live in Suburbia

A cleverly thought-out show using film and theatre to discuss the challenges faced by people who are lonely

How (Not) to Live in Suburbia

This show is interesting and unique, told largely through film clips and narrated by the main actress, Annie, challenging the problems some people face when they are lonely. The show is extremely honest and whilst sometimes amusing, it has a serious and important message behind it.

The film clips are beautifully filmed and cleverly edited to show the progression in Annie's life as she tries to fight off the feeling of loneliness that seems to surround her, and I particularly enjoyed the depiction of animals to represent loneliness and shame.

The narration was straight-forward and occasionally hard-hitting, and the use of a second actor to depict Annie's subconscious thoughts helped the audience to visualise what was happening in her head more easily. With some emotional scenes depicted both through the films and the actors on stage, the audience gained a new perspective on what extreme loneliness can feel like.

This show has an important message for people of all ages and shows how you can get help and support if you feel alone. This isn't something that is always easy to communicate through theatre, but the additional use of film made this show really successful. It was intriguing from start to finish and I really enjoyed watching it. Go and see it if you can.

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How (Not) to Live in Suburbia is on at 16:50 until August 28th, excluding the 15th and 22nd, at Summerhall.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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