Piff the Magic Dragon Show

Dark humour and incredible magic makes this show a contender for my pick of the Fringe!

Piff the Magic Dragon Show

I had heard plenty about America's Got Talent finalist (but not winner) Piff the Magic Dragon and the cutest assistant in magic – Mr Piffles the Chihuahua - and was excited to get to see what the fuss was about. Apparently, so were many others, as George's Square Theatre was rammed packed by the time the show started.

Out comes Piff to hip-hop music and dramatic curtain drop, and instantly all the drama, the queues and press publicity made sense. It's because he is really bloody good!

Over the course of an hour, Piff, Piffles and his two assistants made a dog disappear, transported two cards, a twenty pound note and a middle finger out of a can of dog food, correctly guessed an animal with a piece of chalk, and plenty more besides.

And it wasn't just fantastic magic that got the crowd going. It was the humour. Piff is seriously incredibly funny – in a dark, sarcastic bordering on sardonic way. Some jokes started to divide the room, such as joking about breaking the foot of Mr Piffles, or threatening to starve him if he gets the card wrong. Basically, people really love animals. Obviously, no animals are hurt in the show, just in case you were worrying.

Audience participation was on point, in a ruthless, ridiculing way. Targeting a single individual and continually going back to them to ensure their embarrassment continues. But that kind of stuff is always funny when it isn't aimed at you!

I absolutely loved everything about this show, and I am confident you will too. So go book!

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Piff the Magic Dragon Show is performing at Assembly George Square Theatre at 20:30. Tickets and more information can be found here


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