BEASTS Present Mr Edinburgh 2016

Comedy sketch group trio are back, and this time, the stakes are higher than ever!

BEASTS Present Mr Edinburgh 2016

The five-star sketch show trio BEASTS have come back to Edinburgh, but this year they are actually on the hunt for Mr Edinburgh in their first annual competition.

What we witness is the final of the competition, with the last three hopefuls battling it out through a series of increasingly ridiculous trials. These include a quiz round, a talent competition, and a "who does the jacket suit best" round.

James, Owen and Ciaran once again bring explosive energy that is exhausting to watch, let alone perform, and the somewhat surreal an over the top dramatic form of comedy is still present and hilarious. With singing, dancing, and incredible audience interaction, I am impressed by the level of fitness the three must possess to perform the way they do.

There is some exposure of buttocks, and some rather unsightly bulges, but this only adds to the crazy drama and enjoyment that BEASTS deliver.

I have never seen an audience member look quite as awkward as this poor girl on front row did when Ciaran decided that she would be his love interest for the show – repeatedly calling her out again and again for proposals of marriage, kisses, and acting as a judge.

Mr Edinburgh is perfectly good in its own right, but it doesn't really live up to last year's show, which was the perfect bundle of entertainment and out of control comedy. Some scenes felt a bit flat, with the usual feeling of spontaneity absent. Nonetheless this is still definitely a show to catch while you're at the fringe!

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