Ever Mainard: Let Me Be Your Main Man

Texas stand-up comedian speaks up about growing up as a queer kid in a hostile environment.

Ever Mainard: Let Me Be Your Main Man

Ever Mainard's stand-up performance is one of those shows that feels naturally hilarious. She mixes anecdotes from her Texas upbringing, when she was outed by a local newspaper, up to more recent stories in her life. A wedding engagement, ghosting in contemporary dating culture and caricature of mineral therapy build up a fast-paced anecdotal comedy.

Ever is a natural comedian. No tricks or elaborated jokes needed in her case. Her sarcasm and biting humour transforms potential traumatic experience, such as being harassed for her boyish clothes style, into hilarious jokes. Her comic power lies in her bitter sarcasm. It's a great form of empowerment, to answer back to those people who has rejected and bullied her along the years.

Ever's amusing talent is the ability to mix political issues with down-to-earth everyday problems. Everything is part of the same picture: from gender identity and feminism to love rejection and STIs. It would be stupid to deny and exclude one or the other. Private and political are both integral part of what we are. She couldn't have found a better way to express it.

It's a must see show for queer people or not alike. It will surprise and amuse you in an as natural as unexpected way.

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Ever Mainard: Let Me Be Your Main Man is running at 18,15 in the Gilded Balloon Teviot (Aug 10-14, 16-28).


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