Yeti's - Demon Dive Bar

A sketch comedy show that was very funny, but simultaneously bizarre and odd.

Yeti's - Demon Dive Bar

What do you get when you combine a mop costume, a floating head, an escapee fish, the Psychedelic Nuns, a crazy eyeball game, and the madness of The Mighty Boosh? You get Yeti's Demon Dive Bar.

In other words, you have two women playing a variety of insane and absurd characters - from the iconic Yeti to a bitter ex-member of the not-so-famous band the Psychedelic Nuns - in order to create a completely surreal sense of humour that really makes you question the show's sanity.

Believe me, the show had several moments where I was left utterly confused, and even questioning my own sanity at one point. The performance of the two crazy women was fantastic. It must take a lot of guts to stand up on the stage, dress in ridiculous costumes, and behave erratically in front of 30-40 people every night. What I also found quite hilarious was the show's self-awareness - they knew very well that nothing made sense.

As the show was rather surreal, there were plenty of jokes and parts which felt much too silly and didn't make much sense, it was rather ironic to find that it was also what made me laugh. Great structure, wonderfully bizarre - go and see this show.

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Yeti's - Demon Dive Bar is performing at the Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) on August 9- 29 (excluding the 15th). For more information and for ticket availability, please visit

Suitable for 16+


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