Paul McMullan: Alcopop

Paul McMullan's story is an incredibly important one to tell, and he tells it with humour, passion and honesty.

Paul McMullan: Alcopop

Paul is funny, charming and charismatic and had his audience laughing regularly at his stories. I don't think I would describe this as a conventional stand-up show, as Paul's story is so relevant and so important that it needs to be heard. Parts of his story were fairly serious, and although they were followed up by amusing anecdotes, there is a message behind his set that should be taken seriously.

It's not that I didn't find it funny, Paul is a naturally funny man, it's that I feel more can be taken from his show than an hour of fun and laughter. Although I perhaps wouldn't recommend it as the funniest stand-up show I've seen, I definitely think it's one people should see, as it is important to hear stories like Paul's from the mouths of those who have lived them. I greatly respect Paul for having the courage to stand up in front of a room of people and tell his story in a light-hearted and understandable manner.

In summary, don't come to this show if you're looking for a bit of light-hearted comedy, there are some serious moments, but these should not be overlooked. Nor should they detract from the quality of the show in any way. Every point Paul makes throughout his show is relevant and important to everyone, regardless of whether it is one of the funnier moments or not. This is definitely a good show to see, Paul is naturally funny and his story is truly eye-opening, but the two perhaps don't meld well.

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Paul McMullan: Alcopop is on at 21:15 every day until August 28th, excluding the 15th, at Pleasance Bunkers.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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