Furze Platt Art, design and technology show 2016

an art show showcasing GCSE and A-level work

At the show there was lots of work on display like sculpture, paintings, tech styles and wood work.

so my favorite part of the displays was the matey made out of wire the reason of this is because they've made a smaller version of it looking like they are representing a baby inside his head, my idea for this is he might be thinking about his baby he is going to have, about how it is going to change his life, about the responsibility's hes going to have, of how he struggles to feed 2 mouths and now has to feed 3, it represents the burden of his responsibility.

i recommend this to the people who enjoy art a lot of the art pieces was impressive and fascinating to see, also it will be inspiring to the people who do A-level/GCSE art in the past.

they could of made this show a bit better by putting all the types of art into there own sections so if someone wants to look at a particular type of art they can walk around that section.


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