The wheelie wonderful wheel trail

A review of the bike wheel trail held in Diss

The bike wheel trail is where people decorate bike wheels for them to be displayed in shop windows. Many people got involved; from school children to professional artists to the shops themselves. The trail was made to make people aware of the first ever Diss cyclathon and make the day more enjoyable.

You could find it all around Diss in many shop windows. Most of the bike wheels were located along mere street and around the town centre but some were as far out as fair green.

The wheel trail was on from the 12th to the 26th of June. Based on personal experience, I would say that the best time to view the display is during daytime hours however, the darker times of day have their own attractions too as some wheels come with fancy lighting.

The trail was created by Holly Dawson; an arts award student. She created the trail for the entertainment of the public of Diss. Holly contributed to the exhibition herself by making two of the 52 bike wheels. She approached all of the talented wheel makers to secure the project?

I would recommend this trail to everyone! It is a very universal collection that would entertain people of all ages, genders and interests. This is because all the bike wheels are unique.

My personal favourites are the wheel in the library where an employee, Annie, made a beautiful wheel with flowers and greenery made out of pages of books. It was a book theme which was linked to the shop, the library.

Another wheel I particularly liked was the bike wheel in Albrights. It was a pink wheel with a bejewelled tractor in the centre. I think it's so wonderful because it was made to honour a tractor race for breast cancer. If you look closely you can see the wheel has been decorated with tiny knitted bras. I think it's a nice cause to design a wheel for.

My third wheel I want to highlight is the wheel of change in solo housing. It is made by some people at a homeless shelter who see the cycle of change happen. It also includes heart warming comments like " we are here to help you" and "we don't mind why you're homeless". I think it's nice that any homeless person could see the wheel and know where to get help.

The last wheel I will talk about is the fish wheel in TW Gaze. This wheel was made by the people at St. John's house in Palgrave and partnerships in care. Here people have mental illnesses and are making a recovery. The idea of one big fish made out of little fish all swimming together is a metaphor for all the patients all having the same goal - recovery - and all working together for it.

All in all, the bike wheel trail is a lovely idea which celebrates art. I though all the wheels were incredible and shows a lot of hard work and effort.

This exhibition couldn't have been possible without everyone who showed their support for it by viewing the trail, the shops who showcased the wheels in their windows, the extraordinary artists who created wheels and finally Holly who organised the exhibit.


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