All The Nice Girls

Alison Child and Rosie Wakley bring back forgotten stories from the past, in this lesbian musical romance.

All The Nice Girls

This is a second Behind The Lines performance at Brighton Fringe's Sweet Waterfront, alongside Deep in the Heart of Me. All The Nice Girls sees Alison Child and Rosie Wakley telling the forgotten story of Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney, a real-life stage duo who achieved notoriety in the 1920s. Mixing comic performances and popular songs from the 20s by Ella Shields, this show reflects on what it might have meant to have a lesbian relationship in that era.

Their performance, which includes typical male outfits such as navy and military uniforms, challenges the audience's understanding of gender. Playing around with stereotypes, it's clear how connected these actresses are with performance and physicality.

All The Nice Girls is surely an interesting project, full of poignant moments that stimulate reflection. The comic side of the show gave a light and enjoyable touch on challenging themes. The audience responded enthusiastically and were happy to sing along to the last song, albeit, not very loudly.


15, 22, 29 May, 5 Jun 16:45 £8 [1hr]


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