Aaaaaaand... It Is What It Is

The wonders of English people, a BOOZY sketch duo, and politics? Get ready for some mad mockery.

Aaaaaaand... It Is What It Is

Committing the cardinal sin of the fringe reporter, I found myself a little late to the party at Brighton Fringe's The God's last night, for guaranteed listings-topper, Aaaaaaand... It Is What It Is. Upon entering the loud, heaving pub, I headed upstairs to an intimate room to find Brighton's own comedy collective It Is What It Is... already in action.

The team of comedians really gave me and the rest of the audience a good laugh; come on, where else would you find a 5-year-old discussing conspiracy theories with his father, and a French lady learning the wonders of English slang? This was pure fringe comedy.

The diversity of the comedians was impressive, and the enthusiasm of the audience could be felt around the room. There were a couple of moments where the humour was slightly dry - no, not deadpan dry. But you know what? After walking around Brighton for the whole afternoon and evening, it was a great laugh and a wonderful end to my first day at the fringe.

While overall there were a couple of moments that didn't fully tickle me, I had a great time. Go and see this ASAP - you won't regret it.


6, 13, 20, 27 May 22:00 £5(£4) [1hr 30m]


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