My Shakespeare Schools Festival review

I participated in the North Halifax Grammar School's version of a Midsummer's nights dream (Which if I do say so myself was pretty fabulous ;) ) It was one of the most exciting things I've ever done in my life! It gave me a real sense of how large stages can be when your performing as the Victoria theatre Halifax has an ABSOLUTELY HUGE stage so it gave me a real feel what It's like to act on stage so because I want to do acting as a career it really helped me to know how far I have to move and how far I have to project my voice to be heard on stage ! :) Now on to the content so I can review one of the other plays I saw, King Lear

As they set up the first scene you could really tell that they knew what they were doing as you could really feel the suspenseful atmosphere they were setting up. I especially like the bastard son, Edward, as he brought this sense that you never know whose side he was on at that time so he really brought that suspenseful atmosphere up a notch. Then,as the play progressed and King Lear went mad the actor who played him brought this to life fantastically as him screeching and yelling and muttering random things yet you could still hear them made it feel like you we're actually there, running around after this old man who was slowly, but surely, losing his sanity. After that, when Reagan and gonnerril rip out Cornwall's eyes it made you hate the characters so much because they brought the emotion and the horror of the scene together so well. Then, at the end,when king Lear's favourite daughter, cornelia, died and then he does of sadness the depressing, sad feeling this scene had and the way they brought it to life was enough to bring a tear to your eye (and it did!)

This concludes my review of King lear.

Thank you,

Tom Nattress, The North Halifax Grammar School :


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