Bugsy Malone by Andrei

Nightingale Class from Cambridge School went to the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith to see Bugsy Malone.

Bugsy Malone by Andrei

On Friday we went to see Bugsy Malone at The Lyric Theatre. It was a special show for schools and we went on a tour around the theatre and saw them dancing and working in the film studio. It was cool.

The whole thing of Bugsy Malone was the great thing. I loved all of it. It was a very funny show. The pies were really funny.

My favourite bit was the dance and song at the end. I enjoyed singing, dancing and clapping along. The song they sang was 'We could've been anything that we wanted to be', and it's great.

My favourite character was Bugsy because he was a great actor and very funny. I liked his singing and dancing.

I would like to see it again and think everyone should go and see it.


Lucy Thornton

Lucy Thornton

We are Nightingale Class from Cambridge School in London! We like making music!

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