Clare Plested: The Essential Collection

Fine character comedy for the light hearted free fringe goer pre-dinner.

Clare Plested: The Essential Collection

A well timed performance in the basement of an Italian Restaurant. Something you have to love about fringes. And the intimate venue was a good mix for Clare's comedy presentation.

The show was well put together, with a humorous pre-recording created to mask each character change which really held the audience's attention and allowed the show to keep pace.

There were 6 characters crammed in to the hour show. Each demonstrating Clare's range. And each incorporating some actual audience participation - whether it's aiding a human cannon ball or being waterboarded!

I felt the audience chuckling and slowly warming to this slightly surreal experience. But there was some great one-liners and I think you must acknowledge the humour as being of a more mature nature; it's not some of the immature or even crass observational humour found in some stand-up today.

So for some pre-dinner light relief you might consider this as an alternative to stand-up, and whilst it's on the free fringe do budget something as you will feel it's worth contributing.


Clare Plested: The Essential Collection is at Ciao Roma until 29th August, everyday (not 19th). At 5.50pm.

Suitability: 12+.

Tickets and more information are available here.

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