Colin Cloud: Kills

If the devil exists, he has surely possessed this man!

Colin Cloud: Kills

I am a cynical man. I don't believe in real magic, or that people can use the power of the mind to bend spoons. I've seen shows like this before and they have explained exactly how every trick works. Yet somehow it never detracts from the impressive nature of what these guys are doing.

Colin Cloud has a background in criminal profiling. This means he is highly proficient at reading body language, understanding behaviour patterns, and predicting someone's actions based largely on appearance and answers to innocuous questions. While an impressive feat in its own right, knowing that it isn't supernatural should cheapen the show. But it doesn't. It also, in my opinion, fails to explain how he managed to do the things he did. Nothing can explain it.

Just by having someone say 'hello' he can tell you which city you are from. Word association will allow him to correctly guess what random object you have in your possession. Just by staring into your eyes he can correctly guess phone numbers. It is insane.

I am butchering this review, I know. It is impossible to actually articulate what Cloud manages to do, and how insanely impressive it is. At points I forgot to even clap, and was left just sitting there with a stupid look on my face, mouth agape in disbelief. If I could, I would just use that stupid, confused looking face to summarise this show.

Colin Cloud left me speechless. As much as I tried, I failed to come up with a single fault. Every joke was on point, every trick was mind-blowing, and for the whole hour I was left sat on the edge of my seat just to try and capture any sign of cheating. I never did. We are in more educated times, and don't do witch hunting any more, but Cloud is definitely a man who would be burned alive were we in the middle ages. I will confess, after that show I was tempted to light the bonfire!

Colin Cloud is performing every day in August (not 17th) at the Pleasance Courtyard, and tickets cost £8.50-£9.50. For tickets and more information, visit the Fringe Ticket website


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