Jurassic World Review

Dinosaurs! Explosions! Chris Pratt! On paper, that's the recipe for a perfect film…

Jurassic World Review

I went to view this film with trepidation, with my childhood begging me not to tarnish the memory of the original Jurassic Park with another poor sequel. I left the cinema feeling like my childhood remained intact.

Jurassic World is the 4th Jurassic film, and is set long beyond the events of its predecessors. Built upon the same island as the original Jurassic Park, Jurassic World is a much more expansive, up-close and personal theme park experience. It would appear that the dinosaurs have finally been tamed to a level where there is minimal risk of human casualty.

However, corporate greed demands bigger, scarier and more impressive attractions, which leads us to a world of genetically engineered dinosaurs. Of course, all dinosaurs have been genetically engineered, but this particular dinosaur has has DNA of multiple dinosaurs spliced into its own genetic make-up, making it a hybrid. It also makes it ridiculously dangerous.

The CGI is on top form throughout, and even I, as a complete cynic when it comes to film, would sometimes forget that the dinosaurs aren't real. Real effort went into the sounds. I know we have no real idea of what a dinosaur would sound like, but if it is anything like the creatures in this film, I would be truly terrified. The roars vibrate within the stomach, they are that aggressive.

This is not to say the film was impeccable. The plot takes some real leaps of logic, and the actions of some of the protagonists do require you to suspend disbelief - more so than you already have to accept dinosaurs! Equally, I found the humour to be a bit contrived. It felt unnatural, and failed to resonate at all. It would also be nice for a film to not fall back on the 'military is evil because military' cliche.

However, there are subtle, and not so subtle, nods to the original trilogy, and plenty of easter eggs to the hardcore fans. I also enjoyed the small jab at product placement, which is becoming rampant in film and TV. Chris Pratt once more got to demonstrate his acting prowess, and I think perfectly suited the role. It is also amusing to read up on some of the fan theories surrounding his connection to the first Jurassic Park.

Jurassic World is a family fun film, with lots of spectacle, 'jokes', and opportunities for adults to get just as excited as the children. While it does many things right, I wouldn't say it changes the Hollywood film formula. If you are looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon, you can do much worse that going to see Jurassic World and disengaging from reality for a couple of hours.


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