My first concert - KPOP in London - Ive, O2 Arena, London Docklands

I love KPOP music and when I found out that one of my favourite bands Ive were touring in London as part of their first World Tour I just knew I had to do everything I could get tickets!

My first concert - KPOP in London - Ive, O2 Arena, London Docklands

I was in South East Asia with my family when the tickets went on sale and we struggled to buy them because the ticket website thought we were not really us!

 I was so desperate to get the tickets and I was worried they would sell out! My uncle helped us and bought them from the UK and my Mam paid him back! I bought these tickets for me and Mam using the money I earned from the film I acted in last year because I really want to see the band and I want to take her with me. It feels really good to be able to use money I earned to pay for something like this.

When the show day came round (in June 2024) we set off early for London on the train. My sister and my Dad came too, they were going to see Shrek Adventure and some other things while me and my Mam went and see Ive. 

40a2bc02c875094d31b520fef67cce9c043ce649.pngWe got to London at lunchtime so we had some time before we could get into the hotel to get ready. We went on the London Eye which was kind of fun but a bit boring. We also went into Shrek's adventure which was a really fun thing to do if you like Shrek (which we do). Then my Dad took Cora and me and Mam went to the hotel to get ready! I had bought an outfit for the show when we were in Malaysia so I knew exactly what I was wearing. Sometimes I get stressed out with clothes but I was really happy with what I was wearing.

We were staying in a hotel near the O2 so it did not take long to get to the venue on the tube. When we arrived we went straight to the merch area and I bought a tshirt with all of the World Tour locations on. 

Our tickets were for seats towards the back of the arena so we had a long way to walk around the venue to get to our entry. The O2 is huge! Full of lots of bars and restaurants. It is like a little town inside a building!

We found our entrance and went through some security, showed our tickets and had our bags checked. We did not take drinks in as my Mam thought that they would not let people take things in and she was right they were taking drinks off people. They say it is for security because they don't know what is inside the bottles but I think it is so they can make more money because then you have to buy drinks inside and they were very expensive! My Mam bought us both a soft drink and they were over £5 each!!!! The lemonade was not even very nice! I think this is the only one thing I did not like about the venue and the show... the should make the drinks and snacks a little bit more affordable for more people. 


We sat in our seats and the view was so good!!

Even though were in the back corner the view of the stage was perfect and I also liked being able to see the crowd too and watch other people enjoying themselves and see all of the light sticks.

The light sticks are something that you can buy which are branded for the band you are seeing and they light up. They are also meant to be connected to the venue/show by bluetooth and flash in colours all at the same time in time with the show but we tried and tried and could not get that to work. I think maybe that they were not doing it at this venue as no one around us could get it to work either which was a shame but we still could have the light sticks on and everyone could just choose their own colour which looked really good in the crowd. It was so busy - I think it was sold out and there were thousands and thousands of lights being waved around which looked so cool!


When the show was about to start I don't think I have screamed as much! The sound was really loud so at first I used some earplugs as my ears are quite sensitive but soon I got used to it and took them out. 

The lighting, the screens and the stage was beautiful! They do not use many props or scenery or anything like that. They have special effects and videos on the screens as well as using them to zoom in on the band as they perform so we can see them close up even if we are far away.

I kept looking at the band in real life on the stage and then at the screens to see close up on their faces and it was perfect!

The set list was really long! They sang all of my favourite songs and some I did not know as well but they were all really good. They are all amazing singers and dancers.

I would encourage everyone to go to a KPOP concert - they are so much fun! I love Ive but there are so many other great bands to choose from so just have a look and see who is touring near you and book a ticket! You will have a great time!

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