Six The Musical - Vaudeville Theatre, London

Like history? Try HERstory instead! My long awaited visit to Six The Musical in London!

Six The Musical - Vaudeville Theatre, London

In September 2023 I was surprised by my parents with a trip to London to see Six The Musical. We all love the music from this show and had been listening to the soundtrack for a long time and singing along in the car. My Mam had to go to London for work so we all went on the train and in the afternoon she raced us across London to get to the show! She booked a box as a treat (and I think because it is hard to get tickets for this show since it is so popular and its a small theatre).

We saw the late matinee performance but were running late... it was so hot in London that day and we walked fast to get there so all we were thinking about when we arrived was getting some water. Luckily the venue was prepared and had free ice water as you entered. We bought some drinks and snacks and headed straight to our box just in time for the start of the show.

1e2e9a81a95b08e84c734717b4ec9b9c280eb97e.jpgThe seats were so good - slightly on the side but for this show it does not really matter where you sit because (other than a couple of scenes) nothing really goes on at the back of the stage and the performers are usually right at the front and centre of the stage.

My Dad had helped me make myself a metal spiked headband to wear on the day because I love the costumes in this show. I felt amazing and I think the performers saw my headband and liked it.

The theatre is really small which is one of the reasons why it is sometimes hard to get tickets but I love that the performers get to sing to a full house every time, that must feel amazing for them and they deserve it.

We gave them a standing ovation at the end and sang and danced along with them for the closing number. It was so much fun! 

Things I loved about this show:

  • can I say everything? :)
  • the music (obviously)
  • the costumes... I am going to ask my Gran to make me an Anne Boleyn costume to wear for Halloween
  • the voices of the performers - they are all amazing
  • the live band
  • the fact that the band and the performers are all women
  • it is funny 
  • my favourite song is 'Heart of Stone;
  • my favourite scene is 'House of Holbein' because of the change of pace and the light sticks

Things I wish were different:

  • I wish the gift shop was bigger and I did not feel rushed looking at the things to buy
  • I wish the show was longer, it is a one-act show with no break and so its over in just over an hour and I want more! They could do more songs about each of the wives and the stories but also maybe write more about the imaginary future for the wives in the world without Henry the 8th.

Overall though I love the show so much - it did not disappoint me at all (which is a worry when you have been looking forward to seeing something so much for so long). I would see it again and again. They are touring soon so I hope they come to my home town so I can see it again.


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