The Badger Cavalry - A Ludlow Fringe gem

The Badger Cavalry are a spontaneous jam band from Bishops castle, performing instantaneously on the spot with no prior planning 

The Badger Cavalry - A Ludlow Fringe gem

Music is a key part of humanity since the dawn of time, and like many of us I absolutely love it, with the Badger Cavalry gifting Ludlow Brewery with a fantastic night filled with incredible music. The Badger Cavalry is a Jam band from Bishops castle, consisting of a 5 piece set up, Jamie Furber on guitar and vocals, with fellow bandmate of Fight The Bear Dunk Burns on drums, Milo Ellis on Bass, Mud Mudda on samples and lastly Dee Jay Whitty on the DJ decks. I must say these 5 did an amazing job on the brewery stage, which as a non performer I would say is very compact for a Jam band of their size.

In particular, I’m impressed due to the nature of a jam band, it takes a lot of chemistry as performers to create compelling live music out of absolutely nothing, especially with the Badger Cavalry’s impulsive playing. With each member commanding their area of the stage with relative ease. Despite believing all members of the band were impressive, Dunk Burns' ability to set the tone alongside the synth and DJ decks was amazing, he amongst the rest of them are very talented individuals, with me and the gathering of people in the Brewery having a fantastic time as a result of their skill.

I must say, despite the crowds small size, the Badger Cavalry were a must see, with everyone sat outside missing out on a spectacular time. Whilst I had to leave the set early, I would gladly review the Badger Cavalry again in a heartbeat, with the 5 piece band creating an energetic and enjoyable atmosphere in Ludlow Brewery. 

Header Image Credit: The Badger Cavalry


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