Join the dance with “Join The Dots' Ceilidh Band"!

With instruments and a dance floor, Join the Dot’s Ceilidh band created an experience to be remembered!

Join the dance with “Join The Dots' Ceilidh Band"!

At Oscars, Ludlow Assembly Rooms on the evening of Thursday 13th June, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a vibrant evening of Ceilidh (Kay-Lee) and Barn dancing, with Join The Dots' Ceilidh band. 

Join the Dots band are a lovely multicoloured crew, who know what to do! Well, that is when the caller has found their glasses!

Both callers often demonstrate right along with you, and chances are there's at least one person at the event who has an idea of what they're doing. The best advice I can give you? Listen, look, copy and enjoy. As Long as you're having fun, and the movements are in the right direction, you will do just fine!

“Absolutely great, it's one of those things where you are nervous and scared to make mistakes at the start, but then by the end of the evening you have gotten the hang of it, embracing the missteps and hungering for more!”

It is definitely a great place to meet people, or just to experience something new. Mostly everyone is in the same boat, so you are bound to bond over your mis-steps! Personally, the warm, relaxed dynamic between the band made me feel more at ease about promenading in the wrong direction!

For those who want to take it easy with a waltz, or for those who want to whirl round the floor with a swing, you are sure to find a dance that suits your rhythm, or lack thereof, with the perfectly balanced mix of calm and upbeat toe-tapping tunes. 

I was crestfallen when the last dance ended, but the joyful after buzz, and electric atmosphere, despite the lack of electric instruments, left me in high spirits!

 After the event, all around me, I could see tired smiles and hear the cheerful laughter of all the participants. Everyone left in high spirits! Some, perhaps, helped by a little of the liquid variety…

Bring a friend along! Go by yourself! Either way, you are sure to have an enchanting evening. No experience necessary. That is my wholehearted promise.


Join the Dots Ceilidh band perform at a variety of venues, that could be at your own! Could they be the lively heart and soul for your next birthday bash? Or at the wedding venue you are looking for?

Get In touch!


Email: Greg Clare, [email protected]

Header Image Credit: Ludlow Fringe & Join the Dots Ceilidh Band


  • Dayna Jeynes

    On 21 June 2024, 12:49 Dayna Jeynes commented:

    This sounds like so much fun!

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