Review: Headless Population

Technology! Whether it plays a considerable part in your day to day life or not, you simply can’t help but notice the negative impact it may have on you and the people around you.

Review: Headless Population

This short film by Catriona Carswell reflects the harmful impact technology has on us in an incredibly personal and relatable way. It explores the negative influences technology has on our every day lives and the effect that has on us as people in modern day life. The film questions whether technology brings people closer together or further apart and whether it really benefits society in the way it’s designed to.

For me in particular, the film sparked a great deal of sorrow for the kind of people we seem to be becoming, people who rely on technology for everything and for the mass of information it can bring you at any given moment. This was represented through the rise and fall of the music and the way it becomes increasingly more overwhelming and distressing. This can also be said for the animations, they start off very light and relaxing in the natural world but slowly becomes very dark and disturbing as we experience the busy hustle and bustle of city life and the overwhelming amount of technology present that it’s consistently attempting to drag you in. I feel that this is really successful at putting forward Carswell’s point. 

I really enjoyed this short film and the message stayed with me for a long time after having watched it. Despite the fact there isn’t a dialogue, and no, there isn’t any character development, the simplicity of the design certainly doesn’t take away from the main message. It presents a very personal story that forces you to take a look at yourself and question your own choices and whether you believe technology is worth missing out on real relationships and real experiences for. 

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