I wanna show you something.

Did you know I can tune a guitar by ear? Yes, my hearing is that good. I made a video about it, so feel free to check it out.

My musical Arts Award skill share is tuning a guitar by ear. My friends Jess and Bob can both play the guitar, but struggle with tuning by themselves, therefore I thought it would be a good idea to show them how to do it - by ear! Jess's guitar was unfortunately out of tune, so I showed her how to actually tune it, as well as helping her.

When we were filming, we used a lot of humour, including jokes that have developed over the years, especially how YouTubers make their videos. Even though the camera we used was within an iPad and didn't film with the best quality, I really like it because the video looks like it was shot on film, despite actually being a digital video. We had originally planned to use a real camera, however, unfortunately it wouldn't shoot video. 

When the video was finished, a student requested to come in to the music room to be taught how to tune a guitar by ear, and because of how good he is at processing memory, "he will remember it forever"! The student really enjoyed the humour and how educational it is. 

Shout out and special thanks to Jess and Bob for starring in the video, as well as Mr Dunson for filming, and Mrs Short for co-directing. The video was really fun to make, so I might do alternate tunings soon! Stay tuned. 

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Gus Payne

Gus Payne

I'm Gus. I'm a (pretty tall) Year 10 student who is studying art, photography and music. I’m doing the Bronze and Silver levels in the Arts Award for music. Here, you can see blog posts on what I do in those music lessons I have with my good friends.

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