The Great Escape: Shaé Universe Review

This is Shaé’s universe, we're just living in it...

The Great Escape: Shaé Universe Review

I love a musician at one with their sound, be it song or speech they’ve really got a poetry to their tracks and movement to their music. Shaé is just this; an accomplished singer and rapper with a stellar voice – she answers the brief on both melody and bars. 

I’ll say it now – festivals can get pretty exhausting. The portaloos settled on a questionable beach-side pebble, the conflicting line-up decisions that hang friendship in the balance, and the ever-growing debate of “should I spend £9 on an organic cocktail or stick to sobriety?” (For those of you wondering, you’ll be pleased to know I remained happily sipping on my trusty fresh (and free) lime and soda all weekend). In spite of this festival rigmarole, I felt decidedly content this Friday evening with Shaé, with her distinctive sound drawing a room full of avid listeners all tapping their merry feet and nodding their carefree heads to the beat. 

One thing I’ve noticed about this festival was the commotion of the crowd. It’s hard to retain control over a motley crew of festival goers as an artist. You’re faced with an audience hyped up on the novelty of endless live gigs that you can access at a moment’s notice – other than the gentile of the public sensibilities, they have no allegiance to musicians, and it’s uncomfortable to watch. Shaé didn’t seem to have a problem engaging the room, with a captive audience feeding off her warmth, and singing lyrics back to her in earnest – that’s really no mean feat at a festival for emerging artists. 

Shaé’s sound speaks to her upbringing, with her mother a gospel singer, and father a pastor, her music is as uplifting as it is soulful, a testament to her independence in the industry and ability to wield her talents with such skill. 

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Shaé Universe, Upstairs at Patterns, 12th May 2023


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