Hits out of Hell - The Meatloaf Songbook with Meat Live and the Never Neverland Express

This is my review of the spectacular performance of this magnificent show! 

A must see for all. 

This show was meant to be on 30th September 2022 but it had to be postponed due to the lead singer becoming sick at the very last minute which was a shame but very understandable. On arrival, I had received a complimentary drink voucher but due to the long queue to the bar and with the show starting within 10 minutes I was unable to use this voucher, also with it only being a pre-show drink I wasn't able to get it within the interval. 

The ticket and the voice intercom before the show had informed me that no photography or videos were prohibited but near to the end of this show the band had then said we were allowed which slightly annoyed me as I really would of loved to of taken more photography and videos but overall I had a blast of a time and found the show hilarious, fantastic, highly enjoyable and very entertaining. 

I had a brilliant view of the stage from the seat I was in, while waiting for the band to come on stage I did find it a little overwhelming with the loudness of everyone around me but this is something I hope to work on. Whilst I was waiting I loved the visuals on stage with the smoke and lights merging. Once the band was on stage it kicked off straight away and throughout the lead singer and band interacted really well with the audience by letting us sing the next line of songs and kept us engaged by joking around. This made the show funny and captivating. Throughout the show I was mesmerised by the beautiful singing and the Electric Guitarist as he kept it really energetic with the way he was playing. The Ladies were extremely good at singing and the lead Singer had a very good voice and he did sound very similar to MeatLoaf. He had taken his wig off halfway through as he said that he wasn't there to be meatloaf as there is only one and it is very sad that he had passed away last year, this action showed that he wanted to commemorate him and play tribute to such an amazing singer who is loved by millions. I definitely found parts of this show very emotional.  

During the Interval the atmosphere was great and kept the high energy and enthusiasm. The band then came back on stage with an outfit change, both outfits the members of the band had worn were fantastic and I loved their sense of style. 

After the show, I got chance to take a picture with the man who had played Meatloaf, he is a very lovely man and had asked me if I enjoyed myself which I did very much. It was definitely worth the wait and I am so glad that I had the chance to watch them perform!  

I went to see this show on Friday 24th March 2023. I highly recommend seeing this show and I also highly recommend looking at all the shows that Burnley Mechanics Theatre have on!

The address of this Theatre is Manchester Road, Burnley, BB11 1BH.

Their website is https://blcgroup.co.uk/locations/burnley-mechanics-theatre/ 


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