Review: Back to the Future the Musical

I went to the Back to the Future the musical and here is what I thought!

Initial thoughts

This musical is amazing! some of the many highlights are the technology and projections on the screen at the back of the stage. I enjoyed the songs at the time but didn’t quite give that earworm feeling that some musicals do. I think the dancing was sublime and made you want to go on stage with them. It was well thought out to every detail which makes it the complete package and a must-watch show! For initial thoughts, I’d rate it a 5/5.

Acting, Songs and Dance

The acting is engaging and lively so it never gets dull or drifty. As I mentioned earlier the songs are not that catchy but fun at the time and they have a wide range of musical genres  The best songs were the ones from the movies (Johnny.B Goode and the Power of Love) and these will simply put a smile on your face. I loved all the dances as they were all unique and well-choreographed! As there is a dance ensemble. For this category, I’d rate it a 4/5.

The Set

I absolutely loved the props and set, especially the DeLorean as it spun around in the air and lifted up as well as having some great details! Although there weren't too many handhold props the ones that were there were vibrant and clear even from the back! The back screen was stunning, with all the moving scenes- they allowed so much action that would be impossible without. The screen lighting was amazing and helped create atmospheres at different times throughout the play! The set is a solid 5/5!

The Plot

The plot makes this musical! Although there are some adaptions from the movies they were definitely the right decision. A big alteration is that Doc Brown’s dog (Einstein) isn’t in it, however, they made the right decision because it would have been a distraction and hard to do with the script. I especially loved the characters Biff and Mayor Goldie Wilson as they show 2 two sides of already great characters, but (in my opinion) Doc Brown is my favourite because he is just hilarious! This section is a definite 5/5  


If you're in London and looking for a show this is a must! I would recommend this to all years and especially to sci-fi and musical lovers and basically anyone else! I would rate the play 9/10 overall!

Emojis to sum it up are; 😄🧑‍🔬🛹

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