Cirque Berserk!

"Real circus made for theatre". A fun experience for all ages.

Cirque Berserk!

Cirque Berserk calls itself "real circus made for theatre", and truly lives up to that name. It is an hour chock full of classic circus stunts, from juggling, to acrobatics, to knife throwing. With over 30 performers on a theatre stage, the show is fast paced, hectic, and high energy!

We begin with the Timbuktu Tumblers, who flip across the stage and limbo under fire. Their energy is palpable, and the show promises fun and liveliness. Just like any good circus, there are moments where the audience hold their breath, fearing catastrophe but hoping for success: four motorbikes spin around in the "globe of death", whizzing around and narrowly missing each other - and the young girl stood in the middle; a husband throws knifes at his wife as she spins around and out of their path; aerial acrobats hang from ropes, and flip back down to the ground.   

Whilst the show was not always polished and lacked synchronicity at times, it was charming and entertaining. Perhaps the theatre stage was limiting in some ways, denying them the atmosphere that a large-scale circus brings with it. 

The show provided delight for all ages, with two "stage workers" whose comedy consisted solely of whacking each other and falling over, drawing laughter from a younger audience. At times these scenes could have been cut shorter, and the show could have been tighter, but overall it was an enjoyable experience!

Header Image Credit: Piet Hein Out


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