La Clique

A variety of stunning performances by the La Clique team in The Beauty at Underbelly's Circus Hub.

La Clique

The show opens with a very strong aerial act with precision lighting effects that astounds the audience. The gasps and claps are the first of what is a near constant ripple of delight and applaud for the next hour or so.

This is a show that is highly recommended for anyone that enjoys some death defying work on a pole, fire breathing, body sized balloons, circus performances infused with comedy, or simply a great time out.

Each individual act of La Clique bring something different; and there’s performances for everyone to enjoy. In my particular show unfortunately one act went especially wrong. It shows that the performers are only human, and the gasp of the audience witnessing it makes you realise quite how dangerous these are (indeed the act was introduced as ‘high risk entertainment’). I’m pleased to say though, the performers literally & metaphorically picked themselves up and dusted themselves off (after immediate attendance of the stage management crew to ensure their welfare) – completing their act and entertaining the crowd once more.

It is clear that a show like this is a tremendous team effort – the performers working hand in hand with the stage team, with the lighting, and with the sound. It creates an environment where you can be immersed in another world and witness feats you can only find in the magical surrounds of a big top.

The venue is sat within Edinburgh’s Meadow Park, and given the weather we currently have it couldn’t be more pleasant to immerse yourself in the vibe of the festival in a lovely open surrounds with music from the performance spaces and chat about the amazing feats audiences have seen.

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