Review: Nick Mulvey's New Mythology

Nick Mulvey unveils his third album, New Mythology, which winds around personal stories of brotherhood and the lost civilisations of Anglesey.

Review: Nick Mulvey's New Mythology

New Mythology is the newest release from indie-folk prodigy, Nick Mulvey. Since departing his former band Portico Quartet in 2011, Mulvey has gifted two incredible albums that set out to contemplate a vast array of themes and subjects, and gained great critical acclaim in the process. 

Four years since his last release, New Mythology promises to “cultivate joy in a time of great turning”, whilst pondering the deeper meanings and answers humanity has long sought. This anthropological approach makes for a provocative listen, as Cuban-influenced guitar rhythms and philosophical lyrics harmonise in conjunction with light percussion and a playful smattering of electronic synth. Though somewhat existentially driven, the album engenders a particular warmth, leaving you feeling refreshed and uplifted – almost like the album equivalent of a hug from an old friend.

Mulvey’s ethnomusicological studies really show up on this album. Having trained musically in Havana, the influence of Spanish-sounding guitars fused with Afro-Latin percussion blend seamlessly into one another as the origins of his inspirations really take centre stage. This record progresses beyond anything Mulvey has previously released, featuring subtle nods to electronic music that stand out beside his usual sound. Vocally, the album feels incredibly organic; in some tracks, it feels as if the vocals are totally untouched, building a raw and intimate dynamic. Moments like these are where the lines between the sonic and the semantic begin to blur, creating a hazy and comforting depth as Mulvey breathes a life of nostalgia through the tracks. 

Whilst altogether new and exciting, the album really does not stray far from the familiarity of what fans would expect a Nick Mulvey album to sound like, making this a great natural progression from 2017’s Wake Up Now.

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