Review: Sarah Millican - Bobby Dazzler!

A Brilliant first Experience of a Comedy show! Sarah Millican is even fantastic to see live as well as on tv! 

I went to go see the amazing Sarah Millican at King George's Hall on the Thursday 26th May 2022. King George's Hall is a venue in Blackburn. First of all, the venue was a nice big building and the facilities, such as the toilets and bar, were easy to access. The seating arrangements were great but I did find that the flat stall seats were a bit too close together. 

Whilst waiting for the show to begin, there were some music playing that helped everyone to get hyped up and ready. I thought that this was good as it created a chatty and relaxed atmosphere. As soon as she came on stage there was an uproar of applause and she was excellent with the crowd she had in front of her, engaging with the audience to great effect. Sarah then introduced her support act, Hayley Ellis. Hayley is a very talented comedian and had me laughing all the way through with her hilarious and well put together jokes. I enjoyed the support act a lot. Sarah Millican got reintroduced on stage and it was all laughs throughout, of course this is what is expected of a comedy show and if it wasn't like that then I'd know that it wasn't very good.

 I have always found Sarah very relatable as I myself am a woman of a bigger build. I found all of her jokes funny and I felt as though I knew her on a personal level as she made me feel very welcome and as if she was having a general funny chat with me and everyone else that came to see her. Throughout, Sarah made excellent communication with the audience and got us very much involved by asking us questions and listening to what others did during the pandemic that had occurred with COVID. Nearer to the end of her show, I understood that Sarah was a very caring person as all the profits made from her merchandise go towards charity. Sarah also encouraged us to donate to Samaritans on the night and mentioned how it could help someone in the audience. She also gave out little badges, little souvenirs to remember her show, these badges had the slogan "I am a bobby dazzler".  

Sarah is an amazingly talented woman and I definitely recommend to go and see her live as it is such an excellent and life changing experience, well it definitely was for me as this was my first time going to a comedy show and I am thankful for it being such a smooth and easy going gig. 

I would love to thank Voice Mag and Blaze for funding this for me to allow me to experience such a fantastic comedy show!

Header Image Credit: Holly May Craig (myself)


Holly Craig

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  • Judy McFall

    On 7 June 2022, 11:42 Judy McFall commented:

    Wow, what positivity from Sarah Millican and sending supportive messages to everyone, I love her heart-warming and down-to-earth humour. Great to hear you enjoyed the support act too, maybe watch out for her tours in the future?

  • Holly Craig

    On 9 June 2022, 07:45 Holly Craig Local Reviewer commented:

    Yes, I will. I believe Hayley Ellis has a gig in Darwen soon!

  • Tom Inniss

    On 15 July 2022, 13:59 Tom Inniss Voice Team commented:

    I'm so envious! I've seen probably dozens of comedians over the years but never Sarah Millican, and she's so relatable and funny without being callous.

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