Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sun Lynn Tan

Daughter of the Moon Goddess is a vivid, unputdownable adult fantasy featuring Chinese mythology, love triangles, and strong family bonds. 

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sun Lynn Tan

Daughter of the Moon Goddess is a debut and first in a breath-taking new duology by Sue Lynn Tan. Inspired by the legend of Chang’e the Moon Goddess, the novel follows Xingyin, who was raised on the moon by her mother. However, Xingyin is entirely unaware that her mother has hidden her from the Celestial Emperor — who exiled her mother for stealing the elixir of immortality. But when Xingyin’s magic begins to develop, her existence is discovered, forcing her to flee her home. Alone and afraid, Xingyin embarks on a quest to free her mother, where she encounters legendary beasts and mythological creatures. 

Daughter of the Moon Goddess is an extremely enjoyable read. This is largely down to Sue Lynn Tan’s incredible poetic writing, which allows you to vividly visualise the scenes in the novel. On a similar note, Tan’s world-building is amazing, and she does a fantastic job of fully immersing her readers in the whimsical Ancient Chinese settings that she describes. Furthermore, the novel is action-packed with the perfect balance of plot twists, action, and romance. Resultantly, Daughter of the Moon Goddess is truly unputdownable.

In addition, Tan is an expert at character development. As the novel progresses, it is beautiful to watch Xingyin develop, gain confidence, build relationships, and fight for her family. This incredible character development makes Xingyin very easy to root for. Moreover, it was wonderful to witness Xingyin’s relationship with her mother. Although we do not get to see much of this on the page, the small moments we are privy to feel deeply intimate and sincere.  

All in all, Daughter of the Moon Goddess is a mesmerising fantasy novel that is rich in Asian culture. The sequel cannot come soon enough!

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