A review of Everybody's Talking About Jamie by Noa

This is a review of Everybody's Talking About Jamie that I saw at The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton (Disclaimer: I missed the first 30 minutes of the show due to a delayed coach! But I have seen the pro-shot so I do know it well)

A review of Everybody's Talking About Jamie by Noa

Everybody's Talking About Jamie is a West-End musical following a young boy called

Jamie New, and his journey in becoming a drag queen and how that affects his life with his

family and at school.

The set design is bold with blocks of coloured lights and basic furniture (for instance

desks, benches, clothes racks) that add to the scenes without distracting the eye, with the

most involved sets being Jamie's kitchen and the dressing room at Legs 11. I also noticed

that it seems to become more colourful as the show goes on. The coloured lighting gives

the show an exciting, poppy feel that awakens the audience.

Most of the songs in the show are very up-beat and punchy, keeping the energy fizzy and

bright, while also making the more broody emotional moments stand out more and hit

harder due to the change.

The show is also very fast-paced without many pauses in-between scenes, which keeps the

audience engaged and prevents them from getting bored.

I love 'And You Don't Even Know It', however I do thinks they made some questionable

choices in the songs, like the language they're using and the teacher rap (which has become

a bit of a meme by now)

Overall though I really enjoyed the show and I think the whole cast and crew did a great


Header Image Credit: Johan Pearson


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