The movie I chose to watch was encanto. I chose this because it’s my favourite Disney movie. I learnt that vibrant animation and humour really make a film more enjoyable.




Encanto is the latest Disney movie realised in 24th of November (UK) this animated comedy it’s based on a magical family who live in a magical house in Colombia. It was the first Disney movie to focus specifically on latinx characters. 

It was directed by Jared bush, Byron Howard, and Charisse Castro smith, The budget was $120-150  million. 

I think movie was great , until just after the 1 hour mark , where it started to feel a bit rushed. The  characters are very well written but I feel like you have seen Isabella ( princess type , braking free of tradition) before in many things and she feels very stereotypical with the not wanting to be stereotypical, but some characters like Luisa ( strong female character) makes up for it since strong  characters always seem to be portrayed as very rough and Luisa wasn’t. 

The songs were all very different , very good and appealing to the ears. The dances were very cool and funny overall the songs were 10/10 🔆WE DONT TALK ABOUT BRUNO 🔆

The animation colours were very vibrant and eye catching something we need more of, it made the movie much more interesting.

Overall the movie was a 10/10 from me, very enjoyable and made my mum giggle. 

 Thank you for reading my review.

Header Image Credit: Disney

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  • Carol Leach

    On 19 January 2022, 06:23 Carol Leach commented:

    Excellent work Imogen, the movie sounds really good and I think I should watch it

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